Do you find yourself thinking...

Finding small businesses takes too much time
Shopping sustainably is too expensive
What impact your foods have on nature
Can relate?
Then scroll down
It's hard to find local
creators online
Supporting communities through shopping is not a simple task
Finding meaningful shopping experience online is challenging

Let us help you with it

With our MVP you can scan foods, receive points and compete with your friends on the leaderboard


Immediate barcode recognition


Extensive data about your foods

From LCA to the packaging and organic labels


Fill your basket and get Buy It points

Fill up your basket, get Buy It points and compete with your friends on the leaderboard

Our marketplace is coming soon

By connecting community and commerce, we support local businesses and offer you a huge choice of products, gifts, and more!



We have very low commissions - 5% compared to some of our competitors who take up to 50%

We offer you help at every step along the way - from listing your product to payout questions.

By partnering with Ethy, we have ensured that the most sustainable businesses appear at the top, which distinguishes our marketplace from others.

Buy It is designed to connect consumers directly with the source of sustainable and artisanal goods, promoting community engagement and environmental responsibility.

There are no hidden fees. We maintain transparency with our low commission rate, ensuring sellers understand their earnings and expenses.

Yes, Buy It is completely free to join and use

You can find a variety of products: thrift clothes, art, jewelry, handmade produce, candles, soaps, toys and many other local and sustainable items.

Currently, we are based in the UK. But we are expanding rapidly.